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3M™ Privacy Filters help protect confidential, sensitive and private information on your screen from visual hackers. Keep login credentials, payroll information and other sensitive data private with 3M™ Privacy Filter’s innovative microlouver technology that blacks out unwanted side views, preventing visual hackers from stealing glances at your screen.


With identity theft and corporate information loss costing individuals and companies hundreds of millions a year, protecting your confidential information is more critical than ever. 3m zone of privacy
• 3M™ Privacy Filters use screen darkening privacy technology, rather than common blur or distortion technology
• Prevents casual onlookers from viewing your screen from the sides, while keeping a crisp, clean image when directly in front
• It’s easier on your eyes
• Protects your on screen data in high traffic areas
• Protects the fragile surface of LCD screens from scuffs and scratches


  Black Privacy Filter



Remarkable, advanced technology “blacks out” side views of your screen while allowing you to see your screen clearly. Keep your private information private on nearly any device, from monitors and laptops, to tablets and smartphones.


• Effective black out privacy from unwanted side angle views
• Reversible glossy or matte screen finish
• Light matte finish reduces screen glare
• Available in slimmer, edge-to-edge versions for touchscreens
• Helps protect from everyday dust, dings and scratches
• Multiple attachment options for monitors and laptops
• Attaches easily and removes cleanly
• Fits laptop screens, desktop monitors, and some mobile devices

  Gold Privacy Filter  



Keep your confidential information private with the stylish 3M™ Gold Privacy Filter that offers greater clarity and a sharper image when compared to 3M™ Black Privacy Filters. The unique glossy gold finish gives you a clean, crisp image, while prying eyes can only see a vibrant gold shield.


• Gold, glossy finish for incredible clarity
• Reversible to glossy black
• Effective privacy for screens outside the 60 degree center viewing angle
• Great for high-resolution displays
• Reduces 35% of blue light transmission
• Helps protect screens from everyday dust and scratches
• Multiple attachment options
• Easy to attach, remove and clean

Visual Hacking Exposed

An eye-opening look at the need for visual privacy in the workplace—all over the world.

With screens capable of displaying private information virtually anywhere, visual privacy is an issue every organization must consider.

To see how easy it is to capture sensitive company information through visual hacking, 3M and the Visual Privacy Advisory Council worked with a third-party organization (The Ponemon Institute) to conduct an experiment in which an undercover white hat hacker was sent into several participating corporate offices.

In 2015, the Ponemon Institute completed this experiment in the U.S. and revealed how easy it was to become a victim of visual hacking. To determine if this was also an issue on a global scale, 3M sponsored an expanded experiment in 2016 to include offices in China, France, Germany, India, Japan, South Korea and the United Kingdom.

The worldwide results are alarming and serve as a good reminder of the importance of addressing visual privacy in organizations all over the world.



3M™ Anti-Glare Filters

Helps reduce mirror-like reflections from indoor bright lights to help keep what’s on your monitor clear and visible. See clearly Incredible technology diffuses light and reduces glare so your screen is easier to see in challenging and changing indoor lighting conditions, without diminishing screen readability. Lightweight, thin, easy to use Apply, remove, and reattach numerous times as needed. No lamination, no bubbles, no fuss.

• Diffuses light and helps reduce glare
• Compatible with most touchscreen displays
• Lightweight, thin, frameless design
• Gives screens an added layer of durable protection from dust and scratches
• Matte surface cleans easily and hides fingerprints


Learn how to install your Privacy Filter here.