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As network speeds increase, customers are demanding EXTRA FLEXIBILITY from their passive network, which must be FUTURE PROOF, EASY TO INSTALL and MAINTAIN. 3M Telecommunications offers full data cabling systems in both copper and optical fibre, giving freedom of choice in the design and optimization of the overall network architecture.

3M’s innovative connectivity solutions ensure a high performance, reliable data cabling system. The data cabling range includes all the products required for passive cabling from low data rates to 10Gbit/s performance, including patch cords, connectors, cable and associated hardware.

3M Telecommunications offers a full range of high-end copper cabling solutions in either category 5e, category 6 or category 6a. Category 5e and category 6 copper cabling comes in different levels of shielding performance: UTP, FTP or STP. Category 6a copper cabling is available in reliable, high performance, STP. 3M Volition patch panels, patch cords, K-series jacks, cables and faceplates offer maximum performance at an economic cost. The whole system is based on the K-series jacks which snap on without specialized tooling giving built in reliability and performance exceeding existing standards.


A complete range of cables which offer superior electrical performance. Available in both Category 5e and 6, the 100Ω cables can be used to obtain a Class D link (Cat 5e) or Class E link (Cat 6)(ISO/IEC 11801, EN50173 or TIA/EIA-568) with different degrees of protection (UTP, FTP, STP, FFTP). The 100Ω cables are recommended for high speed data transmission within local computer networks (LAN), horizontal cabling between intermediate cross connects and the connection panel at frequencies from 100 to 250 MHz at 100Ω impedance.



RJ45 Jacks

With its compact size, integral shutter, keystone mounting format and tool-less termination, the RJ45 Jacks from 3M ensures a smart, reliable installation. All 8 copper conductors are effortlessly terminated in one simple operation resulting in reliable interconnection in record time. If a wiring mistake is made the RJ45 Jack can be reused several times. The RJ45 jacks are available in Cat5e & Cat 6 in UTP, FTP and STP and the UTP jacks are available in 6 colors. Also available is a RJ45 Shielded Jack for 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications.
3M RJ45 Cat5-500x500

110 JACK

The RJ-45 Modular Jack Series provides an innovative and cost-effective approach to meet the Cat 5e or Cat 6 UTP requirements.This series has a keystone mounting format. The 110-style punch down allows for a simple and familiar way for field termination.



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