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As network speeds increase, customers are demanding EXTRA FLEXIBILITY from their passive network, which must be FUTURE PROOF, EASY TO INSTALL and MAINTAIN. 3M Telecommunications offers full data cabling systems in both copper and optical fibre, giving freedom of choice in the design and optimization of the overall network architecture. 3M’s innovative connectivity solutions ensure a high performance, reliable data cabling system. The data cabling range includes all the products required for passive cabling from low data rates to 10Gbit/s performance, including patch cords, connectors, cable and associated hardware. Drawing on the experience of more than 50 years in telecommunications, 3M has created a portfolio of optimized end-to-end structured cabling solutions for the enterprise, backed by a 25-year warranty.*   3M-Installations-Worldwide


• High-quality 3M brand with 100 years in business and more than 50 years of telecommunications experience

• Innovative network products and solutions aimed to make your network solutions reliable and future-proof

• Easy to install products with few parts and pieces, with low total cost of ownership

• Variety of options to suit your unique cabling requirements

• Excellent performance in durable fiber components, easy field-terminated connectors and mechanical splices that are quicker to install and more efficient in material cost

• Products designed for high density, large and small fiber count installations, meeting the varying needs of diverse building spaces

• Rack- and wall-mount enclosures of metal and plastic for the protection of fiber components suitable for a variety of applications

• An available 25-year warranty* to help protect your infrastructure investment.   *Contact us for details.

3M Telecommunications offers a full range of high-end copper cabling solutions in either category 5e, category 6 or category 6a. Category 5e and category 6 copper cabling comes in different levels of shielding performance: UTP, FTP or STP. Category 6a copper cabling is available in reliable, high performance, STP. 3M Volition patch panels, patch cords, K-series jacks, cables and faceplates offer maximum performance at an economic cost. The whole system is based on the K-series jacks which snap on without specialized tooling giving built in reliability and performance exceeding existing standards.


A complete range of cables which offer superior electrical performance. Available in both Category 5e and 6, the 100Ω cables can be used to obtain a Class D link (Cat 5e) or Class E link (Cat 6)(ISO/IEC 11801, EN50173 or TIA/EIA-568) with different degrees of protection (UTP, FTP, STP, FFTP). The 100Ω cables are recommended for high speed data transmission within local computer networks (LAN), horizontal cabling between intermediate cross connects and the connection panel at frequencies from 100 to 250 MHz at 100Ω impedance.
*UTP = Unshielded Twisted Pairs
FTP = Foil Twisted Pairs
FFTP = Foil / Foil Twisted Pairs
SFTP = Shielded & Foil Twisted Pairs

RJ45 Jacks

TOOL LESS JACK   With its compact size, integral shutter, keystone mounting format and tool-less termination, the RJ45 Jacks from 3M ensures a smart, reliable installation. All 8 copper conductors are effortlessly terminated in one simple operation resulting in reliable interconnection in record time. If a wiring mistake is made the RJ45 Jack can be reused several times. The RJ45 jacks are available in Cat5e & Cat 6 in UTP, FTP and STP and the UTP jacks are available in 6 colors. Also available is a RJ45 Shielded Jack for 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications. 3M RJ45 Cat5-500x500
110 JACK   The RJ-45 Modular Jack Series provides an innovative and cost-effective approach to meet the Cat 5e or Cat 6 UTP requirements.This series has a keystone mounting format. The 110-style punch down allows for a simple and familiar way for field termination.         110-Type

Patch Panels

LOADED 110 TYPE PATCH PANEL   The Volition™ Category 5e/6 110-IDC Patch Panel is the 3M version of the popular punch-down termination style patch panels with many additional features and improvements. The patch panel is available in 24-port (1U) and 48-ports (2U) versions. The 48-port (2U) version (also the 24-port (1U) for Cat 6) is delivered with a removable rear cable manager for cable retention and proper guiding of cables to point of termination. Bended edges provide an aesthetic appearance and improved mechanical strength.     Loaded-Patch-Panel
UNLOADED (KEYSTONE) PATCH PANEL   Part of 3M™ Volition™ Network Solutions, the 3M Volition Classic Panels are modular and provide a precise yet stylish presentation of the keystone jacks. • Includes cable tray. Automatically provides earth connection to jack upon insertion into patch panel • Compatible with all versions of 3M™ RJ45 K6 or K5e jacks, the Classic patch panel provides a solution for all electromagnetic compatibility protection levels. Full protection against conducted and radiated interference is provided by the individual shield of the STP 360° braid on the STP jack version. This feature additionally prevents interference between jacks on the same patch panel • 16 and 24 ports 1U, 32 and 48 ports 2U, brushed or black aluminum Unloaded-Patch-Panel-Long

Face Plates

A wide range of face plates are available which ensure easy fitting and smart presentation of the RJ45 jacks. Choose from 1-, 2-, 4-port variations with “phone” and “network” labels for easy identification.

Patch Cords

Optimized with 3M™ Volition™ RJ45 jacks, 3M™ Volition™ Cat 5e & Cat 6 patch cables offer best channel performance and better mechanical protection with its moulded boot, ensuring the minimum bend radius is not exceeded. They’re available in UTP, FTP and SFTP versions and in varying lengths for flexibility to complete the system to your requirements. Choose between two types of outer jacket depending on user requirements: PVC or low smoke zero halogen (LS0H*) material with flame retardant properties to IEC 60332-1.
3M™ offers a complete line of fibre cabling including single-mode & multimode fibre optic connector termination systems in a variety of styles – ST, SC, FC, LC. To complement this, No Polish Connectors are also available, as well as terminated fibre cables as pigtails or patch cords in a variety of lengths. There is also an extensive range of mounting hardware & accessories including 19″ patch panels, outlets and distribution boxes. The Fibrlok mechanical splice, available in single- and multifibre versions for single- and multimode fibre completes the 3M offering for fibre cabling.
OM2 Multimode 50 125 Fibre Cable
INDOOR HORIZONTAL & BACKBONE FIBRE OPTIC CABLES   Volition Network Solution from 3M includes horizontal and backbone cable with OM1, OM2 and OM3 multimode and 9/125um singlemode fibre as part of the system. The Fibre Cabling system is cost effective, standards compliant and with the speed and bandwidth to deliver up to 10 Gbps of voice, video and data over a single cable.

The horizontal cable provides the physical link between the fibre connector patch panel in the floor distributor and the fibre connector on the information outlet. Horizontal cables are available from 2 to 24 cores format.

The backbone fibre cable provides the physical link between the floor distributor and the building distributor. Backbone fibre cable is available in counts of 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, 72- and 96- fibres.

Cable jackets can be LSOH (low smoke, zero halogen rated) or PVC OFNR (riser rated). Easy to use color coding enables easy installation and convenient fibre cable management.

• Small cable diameter • Available in multimode (OM1, OM2 & OM3) and Singlemode • Minimizes weight and cable installation • Produced to industry standards and specification • Two fibres per soft buffer tube • Complete range of cables and color-coded fibres • Low friction jacket on backbone cables • Provides maximum number of cables per conduit • Ensures system compatibility and interoperability • Easy to strip the fibres
INDOOR / OUTDOOR FIBRE OPTIC CABLES The Volition Network Solution Indoor / Outdoor Fibre Optic cable from 3M includes horizontal and backbone cable with OM1, OM2 and OM3 multimode and 9/125um singlemode fibre as part of the system.

The Primary application of the cable is for indoor and outdoor installation into cable trays or ducts as LAN cabling. All cable jackets are LSOH rated to fulfill the safety requirements for internal cabling. All cable variants have good resistance against water. The cable core is rodent proof by glass yarn. Each category of Volition Indoor/Outdoor Cable is available in fibre counts ranging from 2 to 24 cores format.

*PE jacket with gel filling can also be available upon request

• Small cable diameter • Minimizes weight and cable installation • Minimixes number and size of conduits • Provides maximum number of cables per conduit • Produced to industry specification • Ensures system compatibility and interoperability • Available in multimode (OM1, OM2 & OM3) and Singlemode fiber cables • Complete range of cables and color coded fibres • Fast and accurate fibre identification • Designs incorporating glass yarn • Full Rodent protection • Low friction jacket on backbones cables • Easy installation by laying and pulling
NO POLISH CONNECTORS   3M™ No Polish Connectors (NPC) help enable fast, on-site installation of 250 µm and 900 µm singlemode and multimode fiber utilizing a one-piece, pre-assembled design that eliminates field polishing and loose parts. For jacketed bend-insensitive fiber cable, the SC and LC No Polish Connectors can be installed without an assembly tool. A twist-on boot clamps onto the cable jacket and aramid fiber to provide excellent strain relief. It is ideal for FTTP drop terminations as well as LAN structured cabling backbone, and fiber-to-the-enclosure applications. With a factory-polished ferrule assembly and a mechanical splice, the connector can be quickly installed — without electrical power — using a simple field tool that is included in every box of 60 connectors (when required).

For excellent mechanical performance, the NPC has internal gripping elements for the strain relief of the 900 µm buffer along with a unique, bell-shaped boot. The boot is attached to the connector body, minimizing the chance of losing or forgetting to install it during the termination process. After installation, the boot helps keep the fiber from kinking, even during side pull.

• Easy to install and replace • Reduces termination time by a mile • Available in different modes (single- or multi-) and types (LC, ST, etc.) • Lowers installation cost due to mechanical splicing • Comes with free assembly tool when purchased at MOQ
FIBRLOK MECHANICAL SPLICE   Fibrlok universal mechanical splice can be used wherever quick and secure splice connections are required. The Fibrlock fibre splice provides a precise, simple and low cost method of splicing single and multiple optical fibres without specialized skills or experience. • UNIVERSAL: The 3M™ Fibrlok™ II Universal Optical Fiber Splice 2529 is designed to easily splice any combination of 250 or 900 (mu)m coated fibers with inexpensive tooling and no electrical power.

Fibrlok single fiber optical splices utilize a metallic splicing element held inside a molded plastic body and cap to provide a fast, permanent splice. Index matching gel at the fiber splice interface helps enable a low loss splice that maintains transmission quality over the life of the network. Assembly of the inexpensive Fibrlok splice requires only removal of the fiber coating, cleaning and cleaving of the fiber.

ANGLE: The 3M™ Fibrlok™ II Angle Fiber Splice 2529-AS splices any combination of 250 (mu)m and 900 (mu)m fibers.

3M™ Fibrlok™ 250 µm Fiber Splice enables fast, easy splicing of 250 µm singlemode fiber in Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) installations. The Fibrlok™ 250 µm Fiber Splice can also be used in multimode LAN installations where 250 µm coated fiber is spliced. This low-loss, reliable splice can be installed by non-specialized technicians. Mechanical splice capacity of four.

The 3M™ Fibrlok™ 250 (mu)m Angle Fiber Splice 2540-AS specifically splices 250 (mu)m fiber with a smaller form factor. These angle fiber splices have splice elements that have been optimized for keyed, angle cleaves and have green end caps, so they can be identified after installation. 3M™ Fibrlok™ AS series is specifically designed for the splicing of optical fibers in analog video networks, which require excellent optical reflection performance across temperature extremes. Utilizing keyed, angle cleaves, these Fibrlok splices direct reflected light outside of the fiber while maintaining a very low mean insertion loss of more than 0.1 dB.

• Easy to install and replace • Reduces termination time by a mile • Available in different modes (single- or multi-) and types (universal, angle) • Lowers installation cost due to mechanical splicing • Comes with free assembly tool when purchased at MOQ
FIBRE COUPLINGS   3M offers a wide range of RoHS compliant SC, ST and FC couplings for all applications in Premise and FTTX networks. All couplings comply with the corresponding IEC standards for single-mode and multimode technology.
• Easy to install and replace • Low insertion loss, perfect alignment • Available in different modes (single- or multi-), types (SC, ST, FC), and variations (simplex, duplex) • Push-pull mechanism for high repeatability • Durable plastic sleeve and zirconia ceramic centering sleeve
3m fiber-patch-cord
FIBRE PATCH CORDS 3M™ Volition™ Fiber Patch Cords are designed at the factory to meet worldwide specifications. The Patch cords are an integral part of 3M’s optical system and manufactured and tested in 3M’s factory. This ensures correct performance of the connection point and the optical link. The jacket of the cable can be made of PVC or LSOH for different applications. The patch cords are available with SC, LC or MPO/MTP connectors with OM1, OM2 or OM3 fiber optic cables. They offer 3M system identity for corporate quality and warranty approval. Features: • Factory terminated patch cords • Multimode and single mode • Wide range of connectors available • Standards Compliant: EIA/TIA 568B, ISO 11801, FDDI • 10Gb/s Ethernet Network (with OM3 cable)
• Assured performance and reliability • Designed for both backbone and horizontal applications • Extensive range to meet all needs
FIBRE PATCH PANEL 3M™ offers a range of fibre patch panels in a variety of styles and finishes to suit LC, SC and ST connectivity. Volition patch panels are universal fibre optic panels with sliding tray, available in 6 to 48 port version. The front panel and inserts are changeable for different port count and connector formats. Panels come complete with cassettes and accessories. Features: • Changeable front panel and inserts • Sliding design • Handles all common connector types • Multiple cable entry ports • High density capacity

• Allows flexibility • Easy handling, installer friendly • Panel available for all applications • Handles horizontal and backbone cable • Up to 48 ports in 1U