When it comes to gaming monitors, we often encounter the term “FreeSync” and
how it improves gameplay, especially for FPS games. As the games and technology
level up every year, so as this feature. So, let’s take our time to get to know
what it does.


FreeSync is AMD’s solution to eliminate “screen tearing” during gameplay – by
syncing your monitor and your graphics card to ensure smooth framerates.

Screen tearing appears as the horizontal line/s across your monitor screen
that occurs when either your graphics card is producing more frames than your
monitor’s capabilities OR when the monitor (Hz) refreshes too fast and your
graphics card can’t catch up.


Now we know what FreeSync does to our computers, so what does its other
tiers offer aside from preventing screen tearing?


Introduced on the year 2020, this tier retains all the features FreeSync has
to offer and with an additional innovation, which is the LFC or low framerate
compensation. When the framerate of the game goes below the minimum supported
refresh rate, these frames will be displayed multiple times to remain in the
supported refresh rate.

The downside, is that this feature may not work with HDR turned on – which brings
us to the highest tier, Premium Pro.


Also known as FreeSync 2, this tier now adds HDR capabilities for supported
games and displays. As the game evolves in terms of graphics, there has been
more demand for a more immersive visual gaming experience, and FreeSync Premium
Pro made it happen.


For hardcore gamers and pro esports athletes, one screen tear may change the
outcome of a competitive game. Making sure that your gaming monitor and
graphics card is compatible and synced with one another is a MUST and needs to
be taken care of as long as you have the budget to get the necessary upgrades.


Visual Hacking 3M Privacy

Do you access your mobile phone inside the MRT, LRT, Bus or even inside the elevator? If yes, then you might be vulnerable to visual hacking. It is the easiest and most low-tech form of information theft. It can be done by attackers by simply getting near you, and steal a glance at your screen.


As per Quora, “visual hacking” can be defined as the act of capturing or viewing confidential, sensitive, or private information for unauthorized use.

This is a very common thing, especially in crowded, public places. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been in the situation where we’ve done a quick glance at someone’s screen, then realized we might have seen something we weren’t meant to see: from simply shopping online, browsing social media content, and etc.

Fortunately, visual hacking can be prevented with smart use of phone, and by using products that protect your on-screen information from prying eyes.



Tip #1: Assess Your Surroundings

If you’re currently in a crowded area, like the MRT, mall, or waiting in-line to order food in a fast-food chain, think first if this is a ‘good place’ to access sensitive information.

Tip #2: Passwords and Security Patterns

Powering up your phone with a single swipe is indeed convenient, but this also puts your sensitive data at risk. Consider using passwords and patterns, so that not everyone can freely access the data saved on your phone.

Tip #3: Privacy Filters

Applying privacy filters will help you be more comfortable accessing your phone in public places. It is affordable, and can also be applied to laptops, tablets, and desktop monitors. Following 3M’s campaign of #WeHaveYouCovered – it gives people assurance that their on-screen data will be protected.


Visual hacking can be a big threat once the stolen data is used without consent or for evil purposes. Investing in privacy filters will surely help, but it still begins on smart use of phone and being aware of the surroundings.

Know more about privacy filters:


WannaCry is also known as WannaCrypt, WanaCrypt0r 2.0, Wanna Decryptor has affected more than 70 countries in an unprecedented attack which was launched on 12th May 2017.

Very recently Shadow brokers had leaked the US Spy agencies hacking tools and vulnerabilities and one of them was Eternal Blue exploit which relied on a SMB Exploit to hack into other connected / networked PCs in a network. So far the Ransomware has affected over 200K computers all over the globe.


How can it impact you:
WannaCry Ransomware has targeted worldwide across industries to individual users, mainly known are healthcare, financial, manufacturing and government segments were the victims of the sever attack. This has resulted in sudden crippling of businesses to individual with valuable loss of sensitive data. Some estimates also are of that, the attack also exploited to capture banking information for people who had paid the ransoms in bitcoins. This Ransomware has also caused reputation losses for many businesses and trust among its customers. The demand of $300 for decrypt key by the attackers were not an assurance to receive the keys and instances were also reported where the attackers have doubles the demand money if not paid within 48 hours and after the seven day deadline the files gets completely deleted.

WannaCry Ransomware exploited the vulnerability of Windows Operating System discovered by NSA earlier and Microsoft had already provided the patch on 14 March with an advisory to update the systems. India being one of the largest legacy system users as well many pirated software users among individuals is one of the most vulnerable countries in terms of the spread possibilities of WannaCry. Hence, the users need to take utmost precaution to find the possible vulnerability in their network and system immediately and use the patch update to safeguard any probable exploit. According the admission of the Indian Government 70% of Indian ATMs out of the 2.19 Lac ATMs are still running on Windows XP, hence RBI has issued an advisory to patch all the ATMs before resuming their normal banking operations, with immediate effect.

How does eScan protect against Ransomware attacks:

eScan’s Proactive Behavioral Analysis Engine (PBAE) monitors the activity of all processes on the Local Machine and when it encounters any activity or behavior that matches to a Ransomware, a red flag is raised and the process is blocked. In case if an infected system tries to access network share of a protected system and encrypt/ modify files residing on that system, PBAE will immediately invalidate the network session.

Along with WannaCry, PBAE is also successfully blocking Ransomware attacks such as Locky, Zepto, Crysis and many more. Additionally, by analyzing the data collected through our Cloud (ESN) we are able to successfully detect and mitigate thousands of Ransomware attacks on every system that is protected with eScan Worldwide.

eScan’s Active Virus Control (AVC) also proactively protects the system from infection, when it is being executed in real-time. It’s not just the PBAE but also the AVC which identifies, and blocks the execution of malware / Trojans including Ransomware of all types and variants.



As per the eScan R&D, the telemetry data collected from its Cloud Server, shows that by 14th May 2017 the WannaCry infection has reduced after spike in infections after the breakout on 12th May. However, since past two days being holidays and the advisories being released worldwide, infections may reduce, while there would a rise in detection of WannaCry infection attempts.

Moreover, since humans are the weakest link in the entire ecosystem of IT Security, we believe that although advisories have been released and everyone has been made aware of WannaCry attack, an employee advisory should be circulated internally not to click or try opening any attachments from unknown sources received through emails and the Security Administrators should implement the patch issued by Microsoft across the Windows Systems in their network.

The threat report can be viewed by visiting this link

WannaCry File Extensions

WannaCry after encrypting the files changes the extension to one of the below mentioned :

Prevention Measures:
• Download and implement MS17-010 patch, from the below link :
• Administrators should block all executable files from being transmitted via eMails.
• Administrators should isolate the affected system in the Network.
• Administrator can restore the encrypted files from the backup or from system restore point (if enabled) for affected systems.
• Install and Configure eScan with all security modules active.
i) eScan Real Time Monitoring
ii) eScan Proactive protection
iii) eScan Firewall IDS/IPS Intrusion prevention
• Users shouldn’t enable macros in documents.
• Organizations should deploy and maintain a backup solution.
• Most important, Organizations should implement MailScan at the Gateway Level for mail servers, to contain the spread of suspicious attachments.


An all-in-one point of sale solution that works as good as it looks, the Elo PayPoint already includes a cash drawer, receipt printer, MSR and barcode scanner. Explore the possibilities of this stylish POS using your choice of operating system.

Elo PayPoint® for Windows®
PayPoint for Windows integrates with all your back-office applications, leveraging the management and security of Microsoft Windows. Designed for ease of serviceability, PayPoint provides easy access to memory and storage compartments. Performance for point of sale applications is powered by an Intel® Celeron® quad-core processor.

Elo PayPoint® for Apple iPad®

The flip-for-signature docking tray for the Apple iPad encourages shopper engagement and electronic receipt delivery while supporting your favorite Apple iOS® point of sale applications.

Elo PayPoint® for Android®
Use your favorite Google Android™ point of sale applications with our flip-for-signature touch screen. A design proven to encourage shopper engagement and electronic receipt delivery. As an added benefit, Elo PayPoint for Android incorporates EloView software for easy provisioning and delivery of application content.


The VZ-28s is designed with essential features and quality standards to ensure that users can communicate with ease.

40 Approved SRRS Channels
Equipped with 40 Short Range Radio Service (SRRS) channels, users can easily pick-up this radio and operate it without the usual programming required of most radios.

Compact Form Factor
VZ-28s is designed with the small business, hospitality, retail and family in mind. With a compact form factor, the handy size radio allows its user to seamlessly integrate the radio into the existing business operations and daily activities.

Simple and Reliable
With characteristics of Vertex Standard portable radio portfolio, VZ-28s is engineered for ease of use with high quality assurance.

Channel Announcement
Upon channel switching, the radio announces the current channel in use. Users can toggle between channels without having to look at the radio, thus improving work productivity.

Loud and Clear Audio
The 1-Watt speaker ensures important communications are conveyed in any noisy environment.

Li-Ion Battery Solutions
1800mAh Li-Ion energy solutions provide up to 11 hours of talk time with 5-5-90 duty cycle comprising 5% transmit, 5% receive and 90% standby.

2-Prong Pin Connector Accessories
The 2-prong pin side connector enables standard audio accessories to be used with this radio, thus lowering the overall cost of ownership.


Additional Features

• Battery Status Indicator
• Battery Saver Mode
• CTCSS/DCS Encode/Decode
• Internal VOX (Voice Activated Transmit)
• 2-pin accessory connector
• Busy Channel Lockout (BCLO)
• Reverse Burst
• Keypad Lock

* Currently available in Philippines only