Four Monitors, Four Gold Medals at DGP 2021 Summer

The Digital Camera Grand Prix is one of the most comprehensive digital imaging awards for all digital imaging-related solutions in Japan. And during the winner announcement, four BenQ monitors were awarded the gold medal recognition – the SW240, SW270C, SW271C, and the SW321C.

What made these products special?

All the gold medal-winning products have AQColor – an exclusive technology exclusive to BenQ monitors. This feature realizes accurate color reproduction that helps deliver the best works in photography and video editing.

Supported by a wide range of color spaces, the SW Series is an excellent choice for users who value color management the most.

A quick look at specifications

The SW240 is recommended for professional photo editing. The 24″ WUXGA resolution in 16:10 aspect ratio gives designers room to work with their shots and mix colors. Can also be equipped with a light-shielding hood, which reduces screen glare caused by ambient light and helps improve focus during the design process.

The SW270C on the other hand is an all-rounder. Equipped with USC Type-C, this 27″ QHD monitor has IPS Panel and Uniformity Technology for screen-wide color accuracy in addition to its HDR10 content support, 100% sRGB, 99% Adobe RGB, and 97% P3 color spaces.

SW271C is an upgraded version of the previous model. The noticeable differences between the two are the resolution and screen pixel density. This monitor has 4K resolution and 163 ppi compared to SW270C which has 2K resolution and 109 ppi.

The BenQ SW321C is the biggest in size with 32″ screen and 4K resolution that is supported by Paper Color Sync – software that gives the user the luxury to see the “print effect” on-screen.

Our thoughts

With their technology and features, there is no question why these four monitors have been selected and awarded with gold medals as they make life and the work process more easy, especially for designers and editors.

If you’re into photography and graphic design, give these monitors a look and maybe, this could turn out to be one of your most successful investments yet.